In support of its effort to promote a range of mobility options that increase access to public transit, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (“MBTA”) will be conducting a mobility share pilot program with interested, qualified dockless mobility providers.  The pilot is expected to run from May to December 2019.

The goals of the program are: 

  1. Increase transit ridership through improved access to MBTA transit stations. 
  2. Reduce traffic congestion, air pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions by shifting trips away from private motor vehicle use.
  3. Support zero carbon, space efficient, affordable, healthy (for environment and public) short trip mobility options that also meet “first mile/last mile” needs 
  4. Expand access to transit for underserved communities

All interested parties are invited to submit the attached application to the MBTA.

Applications will be accepted from April 16, 2019 through and including May 15, 2019 on a rolling basis. 

Applications should be submitted to 

Successful applicants will be required to execute (1) the Mobility Share Pilot Program License Agreement, which includes MBTA Standard Terms and Conditions. This will be made available upon the successful completion of the attached application. Modifications to the MBTA’s Standard Terms and Conditions and the Mobility Share Pilot Program License Agreement will be prohibited. If, upon review of the Mobility Share Pilot Program License Agreement an applicant should wish to withdraw their application, they must indicate such interest to do so within one (1) calendar week. 

The MBTA reserves the right to: 

Applicants will be required to pay an application fee of $1000 to the MBTA attached to their completed application. Successful applicants will then be required to pay a Design Plan Review Fee in the amount of one-thousand six-hundred dollars ($1,600) and a $100 fee per month per location upon signed execution of a Mobility Share Pilot Program License Agreement. Applicants selecting to participate in the pilot following its commencement will not be entitled to pay a prorated share of any applicable fees.  In the event of the MBTA’s termination of an issued license without cause or the MBTA’s early cancellation of the pilot program, the MBTA will refund to each licensee a prorated portion of its paid participation fee.


The MBTA currently intends to issue licenses to applicants that (i) submit properly completed applications, (ii) meet the minimum requirements contained in the application, (iii) execute the MBTA’s Standard Terms and Conditions and Mobility Share Pilot Program License Agreement, (iv) pay the required participation fees and (v) submit the required certificates of insurance naming the MBTA as an additional insured. This will be done so only to the extent that the MBTA can accommodate any successful applicants and an application should not be considered as a guarantee for participation in part or in while for any or all locations proposed.  The MBTA reserves the right to amend the foregoing at any time prior to the issuance of the first license. 

The MBTA intends to review completed applications within two (2) weeks of receipt.   

At the MBTA’s discretion, unsuccessful applicants may be invited to correct deficiencies and submit revised applications.